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Publications de l'équipe : Biologie cellulaire comparative des Apicomplexes

45 publication(s) trouvée(s)

  • Metheni, M., Lombes, A., Bouillaud, F., Batteux, F., Langsley, G. HIF-1alpha induction, proliferation and glycolysis of Theileria-infected leukocytes Cell Microbiol 2015; 17(4):467-72
  • Ezougou, C. N., Ben-Rached, F., Moss, D. K., Lin, J. W., Black, S., Knuepfer, E., Green, J. L., Khan, S. M., Mukhopadhyay, A., Janse, C. J., Coppens, I., Yera, H., Holder, A. A., Langsley, G. Plasmodium falciparum Rab5B Is an N-Terminally Myristoylated Rab GTPase That Is Targeted to the Parasite's Plasma and Food Vacuole Membranes PLoS One 2014; 9(2):e87695
  • Metheni, M., Echebli, N., Chaussepied, M., Ransy, C., Chereau, C., Jensen, K., Glass, E., Batteux, F., Bouillaud, F., Langsley, G. The level of H O type oxidative stress regulates virulence of Theileria-transformed leukocytes Cell Microbiol 2014; 16(2):269-79
  • Lavogina, D., Budu, A., Enkvist, E., Hopp, C. S., Baker, D. A., Langsley, G., Garcia, C. R., Uri, A. Targeting Plasmodium falciparum protein kinases with adenosine analogue-oligoarginine conjugates Exp Parasitol 2014; 138C:55-62
  • Ramdani, G., Langsley, G. ATP, an extracellular signaling molecule in red blood cells: A messenger for malaria? Biomed J 2014; 37(5):284-92
  • Echebli, N., Mhadhbi, M., Chaussepied, M., Vayssettes, C., Di Santo, J. P., Darghouth, M. A., Langsley, G. Engineering Attenuated Virulence of a Theileria annulata-Infected Macrophage PLoS Negl Trop Dis 2014; 8(11):e3183
  • Dawn, A., Singh, S., More, K. R., Siddiqui, F. A., Pachikara, N., Ramdani, G., Langsley, G., Chitnis, C. E. The Central Role of cAMP in Regulating Plasmodium falciparum Merozoite Invasion of Human Erythrocytes PLoS Pathog 2014; 10(12):e1004520
  • Kremer, K., Kamin, D., Rittweger, E., Wilkes, J., Flammer, H., Mahler, S., Heng, J., Tonkin, C.J., Langsley, G., Hell, S.W., Carruthers, V.B., Ferguson, D.J.P., Meissner, M. Overexpression Screen of Toxoplasma gondii Rab-GTPases Reveals Distinct Transport Routes to the Micronemes. PLoS Pathog 2013; 93(3):e1003213.
  • Kremer, K., Kamin, D., Rittweger, E., Wilkes, J., Flammer, H., Mahler, S., Heng, J., Tonkin, C. J., Langsley, G., Hell, S. W., Carruthers, V. B., Ferguson, D. J., Meissner, M. An Overexpression Screen of Toxoplasma gondii Rab-GTPases Reveals Distinct Transport Routes to the Micronemes PLoS Pathog 2013; 9(3):e1003213
  • Tomlins, A. M., Ben-Rached, F., Williams, R. A., Proto, W. R., Coppens, I., Ruch, U., Gilberger, T. W., Coombs, G. H., Mottram, J. C., Muller, S., Langsley, G. Plasmodium falciparum ATG8 implicated in both autophagy and apicoplast formation Autophagy 2013; 9(10):
  • Rached, F. B., Ndjembo-Ezougou, C., Chandran, S., Talabani, H., Yera, H., Dandavate, V., Bourdoncle, P., Meissner, M., Tatu, U., Langsley, G. Construction of a Plasmodium falciparum Rab-interactome identifies CK1 and PKA as Rab-effector kinases in malaria parasites Biol Cell 2012; 104(1):34-47
  • Cock-Rada, A. M., Medjkane, S., Janski, N., Yousfi, N., Perichon, M., Chaussepied, M., Chluba, J., Langsley, G., Weitzman, J. B. SMYD3 Promotes Cancer Invasion by Epigenetic Upregulation of the Metalloproteinase MMP-9 Cancer Res 2012; 72(3):810-20
  • Miranda-Saavedra, D., Gabaldon, T., Barton, G. J., Langsley, G., Doerig, C. The kinomes of apicomplexan parasites Microbes Infect 2012; 14(10):796-810
  • Toure, A., Langsley, G., Egee, S. Spermatozoa and Plasmodium zoites: the same way to invade oocyte and host cells? Microbes Infect 2012; 14(10):874-9
  • Haste, N. M., Talabani, H., Doo, A., Merckx, A., Langsley, G., Taylor, S. S. Exploring the Plasmodium falciparum cyclic-adenosine monophosphate (cAMP)-dependent protein kinase (PfPKA) as a therapeutic target Microbes Infect 2012; 14(10):838-50
  • Douse, C. H., Green, J. L., Salgado, P. S., Simpson, P. J., Thomas, J. C., Langsley, G., Holder, A. A., Tate, E. W., Cota, E. Regulation of the Plasmodium Motor Complex: PHOSPHORYLATION OF MYOSIN A TAIL-INTERACTING PROTEIN (MTIP) LOOSENS ITS GRIP ON MyoA J Biol Chem 2012; 287(44):36968-77
  • Lasonder, E., Green, J. L., Camarda, G., Talabani, H., Holder, A. A., Langsley, G., Alano, P. The Plasmodium falciparum Schizont Phosphoproteome Reveals Extensive Phosphatidylinositol and cAMP-Protein Kinase A Signaling J Proteome Res 2012; 11(11):5323-37
  • Duszenko, M., Ginger, M. L., Brennand, A., Gualdron-Lopez, M., Colombo, M. I., Coombs, G. H., Coppens, I., Jayabalasingham, B., Langsley, G., de Castro, S. L., Menna-Barreto, R., Mottram, J. C., Navarro, M., Rigden, D. J., Romano, P. S., Stoka, V., Turk, B., Michels, P. A. Autophagy in protists Autophagy 2011; 7(2):127-58
  • Machugh, N. D., Weir, W., Burrells, A., Lizundia, R., Graham, S. P., Taracha, E. L., Shiels, B. R., Langsley, G., Morrison, W. I. Extensive Polymorphism and Evidence of Immune Selection in a Highly Dominant Antigen Recognized by Bovine CD8 T Cells Specific for Theileria annulata Infect Immun 2011; 79(5):2059-69
  • Boulkroun, S., Guenin-Mace, L., Thoulouze, M. I., Monot, M., Merckx, A., Langsley, G., Bismuth, G., Di Bartolo, V., Demangel, C. Mycolactone suppresses T cell responsiveness by altering both early signaling and posttranslational events J Immunol 2010; 184(3):1436-44