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Equipe : Vascular Cell Biology in Infection, Inflammation and Cancer



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 Endothelial cells, that line blood and lymphatic vessels, form a key barrier actively involved in host responses to infectious agents, in the production of inflammatory cytokines, in the control of coagulation cascades and in the regulation of leukocyte trafficking. In addition, endothelial cells are major targets for human pathogens. Maintenance of the vascular wall integrity is therefore a crucial process for tissue homeostasis. Our team is deciphering the mechanisms by which pathogens and tumor cells establish intimate interactions with endothelial cells and promote vascular remodeling, in particular at the CNS level, where the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) tightly controls neuronal environment.


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- Infection

- Inflammation

- Cancer


In summary

Our projects are focusing on deciphering the molecular mechanisms driving infection, inflammation and cancer through endothelial dysfunctions. Altogether, our results illustrate how pathogens and tumor cells establish intimate interactions with endothelial cells and highlight novel aspects of endothelial dysfunctions that pave the way to new unexpected translational applications. For instance, we found that essential signaling mechanisms involved in immune responses, such as leukocyte adhesion, are pirated by pathogens. Furthermore, pathogens and oncogenesis are frequently intertwined. These projects not only bring new insights in our understanding of these complex human pathologies, but also provide valuable information on the key molecules and receptor signaling governing vascular integrity, opening the path to new therapeutic avenues.



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